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Living Comfortably Blessed

Super soft, comfortable, quality T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that offer mental, emotional, spiritual and physical comfort while giving reminders of being blessed and knowing who and, more importantly, Whose you are!! In these items, you’ll be COMFORTABLY BLESSED!!


Do you want to know how and why I created this brand? Keep reading!


What God pours into us is not for us to hoard selfishly. My father heard a word that stuck with him, but he didn’t hold on to it; he took that word and poured it into and onto his family. We were all reminded of who we are as children of God, but we were also reminded of Whose we are. We serve a mighty God and with Him, all things are possible!!


Knowing who and Whose I am is now engrained in my spirit. This has been a vital facet that has lead me through everything in life, both positive and negative. It is my prayer that what I have received can be poured into YOU!


It took me years to find out who I really was created to be and to walk in the blessings that God had gifted me. Even though I struggled with my identity in Christ due to past sins, hurts, mistakes and just plain defiance, I found myself wrapped in His arms. I didn’t feel like I deserved to be loved or favored by God anymore. But after reading my word and praying as well as receiving encouragement from a close friend and my parents, it didn’t take me long to realize that He had me in His arms THE ENTIRE TIME... HE HELD ON TO ME AND WOULDN’T LET THE ENEMY SNATCH ME OUT OF HIS HANDS. HE LOVES ME THAT MUCH. I’M HIS CHILD!!!


And guess what!!!!!! THE SAME IS TRUE FOR YOU!!!! JESUS LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE!! You can’t out-sin/mess up enough to cause Him to leave you. Once you ask Jesus to live in your heart, believe the He died on the cross and rose in three days for you and to cover your sins, and then confess Jesus as your Lord and savior... YOU ARE SAVED!!! It’s that easy!! Does this mean that life is going to be perfect? Absolutely not! We live in the world where there will be hurt and pain and a lot of other mess going on around you to take your focus away from God. BUT now you have a helper who will never leave you and never forsake you! In the end, you win! It doesn’t matter what it looks like right now… YOU WIN!


It is truly my prayer that, as you wear these clothing items, you are reminded of how much you are loved by God and are also reminded of who you were created to be!