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Live Comfortably Blessed

Wrap yourself in these soft, comfy clothes that describe YOU...God’s creation.

Just a few reminders...

YOU’RE the Head, not the tail...

Deuteronomy 28:13 tells us that we are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. Rock this design and more as reminders to yourself and others of who God created you to be!

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YOU were created in HIS image!

In the beginning, as God was creating Heaven and Earth with such precision, He also created YOU in HIS IMAGE! You may not be perfect (like the word created in this design) BUT we were created perfectly in Him!

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No matter what you may face, know YOUR worth!

Ther will be many tests and trials you’ll face. It’s life. There will be times you make mistakes or get hurt. BUT no matter what happens and no matter what people may say, you have to remember your worth. Remember how special God created you to be. When you‘re His child, there’s nothing you can do to be taken out of His hands. Walk boldly in that fact.

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I love my hoodie from Comfortably Blessed! When you want high quality clothing, with top-notch customer service and a positive message, then this is where it’s at. I am so proud to support this local, black-owned, woman-owned small business.


This shirt is life! It’s an affirmation that goes with you, while wearing it, and it speaks volumes: I am the HEAD and not the tail, ABOVE and not beneath Deuteronomy 28:13...

I’ve gotten so many compliments on my shirt plus it’s a conversation starter, as people read the shirt, finally coming across the scripture at the bottom.

I love the v-neck and the quality is superb! This shirt is soft and durable. Loved it so much, got a matching one for my husband. Shawna’s tees included in her Comfortably Blessed line are the epitome of spreading the gospel as a Christ representer! Already planning on getting more merch in the future!


Yoooooo. I love it! That joint is super comfortable so the name makes sense. It’s the perfect workout shirt for me.


My hoodie is sooooooooooo soft!!! Love it!!


I love how soft and comfortable my hoodie is!! It’s so comfy that I’ve even slept in it!! I also love how I’m reminded of how God thinks of me. I know my worth!


This hoodie is so comfortable and warm. Great quality and price. Love the kangaroo pocket.


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Train up your child (Prov. 26:6)

It’s never too early to teach your child to see themselves in the way God created and sees matter what they face. Get them COMFORTABLY BLESSED today!